A turkish tale
Sigma 20mm 1.4 art
Sony E-mount on α7rIII
Ph. Francesco Riccardo Iacomino
A photographic report of my recent trip to Turkey, together with the SIGMA 20mm 1.4 Art and the SIGMA 135mm 1.8 Art with direct Sony E-mount on α7rIII, on test for SIGMA Foto Italia (thanks to M-trading)

SIGMA 20mm 1/30 sec a f 1.4, ISO 100

I state that this is not a review, neither a test, but the simple story, in pictures, of my journey, through the photographs taken with these two spectacular SIGMA Art lenses.
I chose these two focal points as they are in my opinion the most stimulating in order to document a heterogeneous photographic journey like the one I was about to take.
On one hand, they are distant from the "human eye" vision, typical of a 40-50mm, but at the same time they are able to return images with a not excessively distorted perspective, and not so distant from what we are used to seeing.

Here are my impressions.

I had already had the chance to test a SIGMA Art lens with a direct Sony E-mount connection (the SIGMA 50mm Art 1.4), so I was ready for the impact with the excellent quality of the materials.
Both the 20mm and the 135mm return an immediate sensation of solidity and value.
The 20mm is long, more "slender" than I expected, while the 135mm is wide. Both are perfectly at ease with the ergonomics of the Sony a7rIII, and even the lens design fits perfectly with the Sony body.
I started my trip to Turkey by visiting Ephesus, one of the best preserved archaeological sites in the Mediterranean.
Arriving at the gates at the opening, I was able to explore the site in perfect solitude, together with my 3 traveling companions.

1/8000 a f 1.6 ISO 100
1/250 a f 11 ISO 100
Taking advantage of the absence of crowds (which would then come onto the site a little later) I preferred wide-angle visions, and I was able to appreciate the remarkable color rendering of the SIGMA 20 mm.
In the image of the Library of Celsus, on the left, taken at f 1.6, it is interesting the blurred effect on the first floor, obtainable thanks to the exceptional opening of 20mm. A small trick that makes the image suggestive and unusual even in an "easy" context.
The sharpness of 20mm is excellent, and already at f 11 (image on the right) you can see a beautiful and precise "star" on the sun, even in full light.

1/400 a f 7,1

The management of lights and shadows is excellent, also thanks to the extraordinary dynamic range of Sony.
The second stage of the trip was Pamukkale, the "Cotton Castle", where I was able to walk the 135mm to get details of the wonderful natural travertine pools.
135mm 1/500 a f 16
135mm 1/125 a f 16
135mm 1/8000 a f 1.8
The sharpness of the SIGMA 135 is impressive, as is the precision in focusing.
135mm 1/320 a f 16
Even the 20mm had its moment, at sunset, where a warm light invaded the sky until then cloudy, creating contrasts and textures worthy of being photographed in wide.
20mm 1/80 a f 9
20mm 1/80 a f 8
The next morning, around the site, once again the 20mm proved very useful and versatile in photograph the Hierapolis and the splendid thermal pool.
20mm 1/8000 f 1.4
1/320 f 6.3
A quick internal flight, and here we are into the much desired Cappadocia, in central Anatolia.
Ready-Away, just the time of a few hours of sleep and here we are at the appointment with the balloon ride at dawn.
The 20mm turns out to be a trusted ally, its instant focus is very useful in excited situations.
The focal length is excellent to make the width of the incomparable view from over 1000 meters high.
20mm 1/30 f 11
20mm 1/30 f 11
The low passages to the pinnacles of the Rose Valley allow me to use the 20mm also for a top-down view from the "basket" of the balloon, turned to the extraordinary pattern of the soil

20mm 1/60 f 2.8

The experience turns out to be extraordinary and it is really a relief to be able to count on such a precise and reliable lens for wide-angle shots.
Backlight, details, focus: the 20mm is always impeccable.
20mm 1/30 a f 11
20mm 1/30 a f 14
20mm 1/30 a f 11
Once on the ground, exploration continues and I finally manage to concentrate on close and tight shots, my favorites, taking advantage of the 135mm focal length.
135mm 1/1000 a f 5
135mm 1/1250 a f 5,6

135mm 1/320 a f 9

Even the 135mm turns out to be really surprising: the complicity between lens and Sony a7rIII camera body is incredible. The automatic focus is immediate, precise, it anticipates the thought. There is almost never any need to intervene, since the artificial intelligence of the AF is indeed extraordinarily efficient, and the response of the lens is superb.
20mm 1/640 f 8
20mm 1/30 f 1.4
The Goreme open-air museum allows me to appreciate another 20mm quality: the extraordinary ability to focus even in almost no light conditions. Inside the churches, monasteries and chapels carved into the rock, the lighting is very low, yet the sigma 20mm is perfectly at ease.
Moreover, the keepers do not allow photographic stops, probably not to create traffic jams in the gloomy and narrow chapels, so I have just the time for some very quick "stolen" shots. However, in my opinion, the result is truly amazing.
20mm 1/30 f 1.4
Keep on, the day offers endless views and the 20mm and 135mm alternate without stopping, until sunset. In combination, the two lenses complement each other, allowing me to range from detail to wide views, and I can always count on extraordinary sharpness and color rendering.
135mm 1/640 f 4
20mm 1/5000 f 2.2
135mm 1/160 f 11
20mm 1/30 f 11
135mm 1/160 f 11
The next morning the Cappadocia exploration continues. The 135mm is perfect for giving back the perspective of the balloons that hover at dawn. The focus and the wide aperture allow you to perfectly stand out the subject in the background.
135mm 1/160 f 11
135mm 1/160 f 2
135mm 1/160 f 1.8
Roofs of the Goreme cave hotels are the perfect setting for enjoying a breakfast with a view, and the 20mm is ideal for setting the moment.
SIGMA 20 mm
A visit to the underground city of Derinkuyu allows once again to appreciate the precision of the 20mm focus in low light conditions, as well as the excellent dynamic range made in combination with the Sony a7rIII: even where the human eye is hard to perceive the lights, Sigma + Sony return an exceptional vision.
20mm 1/30 f 1.4
20mm 1/30 f 1.4
The wonderful valleys of Cappadocia keep on being amazing and 20mm + 135mm SIGMA are the perfect companions to document the extraordinary landscape that continues to change, from valley to valley.
SIGMA 20mm + SIGMA 135mm
Goreme and Uçhisar among the pinnacles of Cappadocia, SIGMA 135mm Art

135mm 15sec f 11

The next morning there is time for some other photography at dawn, where the inevitable flight of the balloons gives more magic to the already unreal landscape that embraces Goreme. For this morning I prefer the narrow 135mm shots, whose sharpness continues to surprise me, even against the sun.
135mm 1/160 f 2.8
135mm 1/4000 f 1.8
135mm 1/2500 f 5

135mm 1/1250 f 8

Later, a stop at a famous Goreme carpet shop provides the opportunity to appreciate the wide opening and the extraordinary color rendering of 20mm.
20mm 1/30 f 1.4
20mm 1/30 f 1.4

20mm 1/30 f 1.4

It is therefore time to fly again, for Istanbul, for the last stage of this wonderful journey.
The city is extraordinary, immense, chaotic, elusive. Needless to try to capture it with a focal average, so I prefer to try a "street" approach using the 135mm focal length. Among the narrow alleys of the Grand Bazaar and through the open shop windows of the Spice Bazaar, the 135mm is the ideal lens.
135mm 1/160 f 2
135mm 1/160 f 2
135mm 1/160 f 2
135mm 1/160 f 1,8
Colors, details, shades: the 135mm surprises for the speed of focus and color rendering, allowing me to take home moments that with another lens would probably have remained only memories. The shallow depth of field that the lens offers makes each shot unique.
135mm 1/160 f 2
135mm 1/160 f 1.8
135mm 1/800 f 4.5
135mm 1/160 f 2
135mm 1/160 f 2
No matter how little the moments last: SIGMA 135mm and Sony a7rIII are impeccable in capturing every moment. The blur effect on background is then unmatched.

135mm 1/320 f 2.8

The 20mm turns out to be once again perfect for photographing the interiors of the magnificent mosques.
The absence of distortion, the great brightness and the impressive sharpness even at full aperture guarantee extraordinary results.
20mm 1/30 f 1.4
20mm 1/30 f 1.4
20mm 1/30 f 1.4
20mm 1/30 f 1.4
20mm 1/30 f 1.4
SIGMA 20mm 1.4 Art and SIGMA 135mm 1.8 Art, together with Sony a7rIII, represent a kit of very high quality and manageability, which sincerely allows to carry out a photographic journey with great satisfaction, guaranteeing results in some ways unparalleled.
A real, very pleasant discovery.

20mm 1/10 f 1.4

Francesco Riccardo Iacomino
Thank you!